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Superior Service

★ Patriot K9 Security offers specialized Odor Detection Dog (ODD) Teams

★ All ODD teams perform 40 hours/month of maintenance training surpassing the United States canine industry 16-hour minimum

★ All ODD teams recertify every 6 months instead of yearly and are recertified by a third-party evaluator

★ All ODD teams exceed Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Law Enforcement K9 Guidelines

★ All ODD teams exceed California Narcotic Canine Association (CNCA) Standards

★ All handlers receive advanced training in anti-terrorism tactics and counter-IED awareness training

★ Multiple ODD Teams are available 24/7/365


Search Techniques

ODD teams can rapidly and meticulously search a variety of environments including commercial, transportation, government, business, residential and critical infrastructure.

Searches can be performed discretely to not arouse concern or visibly to act as a deterrent.

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Explosives Detection

Patriot K9 Security Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) are imprinted using live explosives, are trained to detect at least 26 types of explosive odors, and train in real world environments to ensure real world results

EDD dog and handler teams provide a strong visible and psychological deterrent against criminal and terrorist threats.


Narcotics Detection

Patriot K9 Security Narcotic Detection Dogs (NDD) are imprinted to detect varying quantities of all forms of illicit drug odors including (but not limited to) cocaine, crack, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and any of their derivatives.

Our dogs are able to locate the odor of both small and large quantities even when concealed deep such as in vehicles.

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Cell Phone Detection

Cell phones are the hottest contraband inside Correctional Facilities.  To combat this contraband, Cell Phone Detection Dogs have become the most effective tool in locating this contraband.

Patriot K9 Security Cell Phone Detection Dogs (CDD) are imprinted on variying qualitites of lithium niobate, SIM card and other parts of cell phones.  Our CDD's are hand-picked for their strong hunt drive and stamina.

Bed Bug Detection

Patriot K9 Security Bed Bug Detection Dogs (BDD) are trained to detect the presence of a bed bug infestation by the odor given off by live bed bugs and viable eggs hiding in places that are typically missed on visual inspection.

Our dogs are able to locate a bed infestation in matresses, furniture, bedding, luggage, and other locations bed bugs may be hiding.