What Is A Threat and Risk Assessment?

A Threat and Risk Assessment is a systematic approach to detect, identify, and evaluate locations of vulnerabilities and weaknesses.  A comprehensive Threat and Risk Assessment defines and analyzes the dangers to communities and organizations caused by potential natural and human caused events that will potentially have an adverse impact.  A comprehensive Threat and Risk Assessment also provides recommendations for vulnerability and risk mitigation and impact.


Every community or organization faces risks.  A Threat and Risk Assessment will help to identify the risks faced by a community or organization and allow them to make strategic decisions about the risks they face.  Risk is the potential for an unwanted outcome resulting from an incident, event, or occurrence.  By understanding its risks, a community or organization can make smart decisions about how to manage risk, including developing needed capabilities.  By considering changes to these elements, a community or organization can understand how to best manage and plan for its greatest risks across the full range of the threats and hazards it faces.

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Our Process

Patriot K9 Security provides the Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) service utilizing the Department of Homeland Security Risk Assessment 4-step model.   This standardized process allows us to help communities and organizations understand their current risks and implement vulnerability and risk mitigation plans.  Our comprehensive approach allows for us to not only evaluate the physical component but the processes that run a business or community as well.


A Threat and Risk Assessment should be performed AT LEAST annually as vulnerabilities and risks change more frequently that are typically realized.  Each community and organization is different, thus, the depth and frequency will vary.  If there are large changes such as high employee turnover, a Threat and Risk Assessment should immediately be performed instead of waiting for the annual assessment.

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