Patriot K9 Security Training

Patriot K9 Security's Training Division is one of California's premier K9 training providers for working dogs and K9 handler education.  Through our highly skilled and well-bred dogs, industry-intelligent trainers, and expansive curricula, we are able to deliver basic, intermediate and advanced training.

Patriot K9 Security is staffed with industry-intelligent instructors, trainers, and staff.  We offer unmatched, industry-leading working dog handler maintenance training, and integration instruction.

K9 Team Maintenace Training & Recertification

Patriot K9 Security offers K9 handler Maintenance Training and Re-Certification accredited by the American Working Dog Association.  Through our program, handlers will demonstrate how to effectively search various venues, set up training situations, set up a maintenance training schedule, record-keep, and most importantly, prepare for Court.

Currently, multiple agencies contract for our maintenance training services because we focus on real world scenarios in order to achieve real world results.


Patriot K9 Security offers specialized Odor Detection Dog (ODD) Training in the following areas:

★ Single/Dual Purpose Explosives Detection

★ Single/Dual Purpose Narcotics Detection

★ Single/Dual Purpose Cell Phone Detection

★ Single/Dual Purpose Bed Bug Detection

★ Patrol          ★ Tracking          ★ Personal Protection

K9 Integration

We are proud to offer our K9 utilization and integration training and management program.  Each program is custom tailored and designed specifically for security organizations and agencies that would like to incorporate a K9 detection component into their existing structure.  We provide the guidance necessary to effectively incorporate K9 detection and maximize security potential.

Beyond the initial integration process, we will draw on our successful background in program management to help you build and sustain your security program.

Our Trainers and Instructors

Patriot K9 Security specifically seeks out instructors and dog trainers with high levels of direct experience with detection and dual purpose patrol dogs in order to provide exemplary training.

Instructors and trainers at Patriot K9 Security come backed with practical, first-hand experience that comes from many years in Police K9 Units, TSA, EOD, Military Service, and K9 Operations in Hostile Environments including Afghanistan and Iraq.